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Your IT Business Partner

WAF Enterprises is NOT just an IT Vendor, but your IT Business Partner. We partner with our clients to understand their IT needs to deliver high-quality, customized leading edge solutions to meet their business objectives. Our solutions, whether a simple web design or the relocation of a data center are focused towards increasing the IT value to the company's bottom line.

WAF Enterprises is extremely proud of the relationships with have created over the years with our clients. We look at each client as a long-term partnership. Most of our clients are contending with shrinking IT staff numbers and increased workloads. We can augment your IT staff to perform many short-term and long-term tasks and projects such as upgrades, integration, migration, independent evaluations, and security evaluations.

Our clients, rather than sending employees off to weeks of training for a one-time task, use WAF Enterprises to quickly get the job done and provide knowledge transfer to their employees in the process. This use of WAF Enterprises helps IT Managers keep their workload at a manageable level. In many cases, we end up serving as an extension of their staff.

Clients have learned by using WAF Enterprises, they get complete confidentiality of their company business and our expert staff are available when needed. At WAF Enterprises, we enjoy the benefits of these long-term relationships because we understand our clients needs better and perform their projects quicker and more efficiently.

At WAF Enterprises we provide the following IT Services to fit your business objectives:

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