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  IT Security
IT Security

Our team assists organizations with navigating today's complex business environments to meet or exceed industry standards. We take a proactive approach to information technology and security solutions by aligning your technologies, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity to address ever-evolving regulatory requirements, modern cyber threats, and to provide your business with industry innovation and competitive advantage.
Security Services

WAF Enterprises offers a wide range of information and cybersecurity consulting services tailored to your organization’s challenges. Our goal is to deliver unified cybersecurity consulting services that takes into account your organization’s people, processes, technology, costs, and validation of the security’s effectiveness – so you know your security solutions are actually working and backed by unbiased measurable results.
  • Identify what assets (i.e. data and information, also known as crown jewels) that need to be protected and determine the company’s current level of preparedness.
  • Protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the business’ core infrastructure to help ensure they are in regulatory compliance to avoid business-critical impacts.
  • Detect areas within systems and processes that are weak and vulnerable to assault by penetration testing and vulnerability scan tools.
  • Respond effectively to contain cyber-attacks and minimize the impact of the damage. We use a team of digital forensic specialists to determine the entry point, what was taken and is there any other suspicious malware still hiding.
  • Recover quickly from an attack with a plan to restore capability and reputational losses.
Security Baselines

Do you have security baselines for all hardware and software on your network? If not, we can assistance with developing security baselines for 3rd party hardware vendors, in-house developed software and 3rd party software vendors.
Security Compliance

Now that you have security baselines for your hardware and software, do you know if your hardware and software are configured to follow the security settings you defined? If not, we can assistance with installation and integration of compliance monitoring tools to verify all hardware and software are compliant with approved security settings defined.

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