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Web Design
Website Development PhasesWhether you need to create a new website, update a website, re-build an existing website, promote a website online, integrate new applications we can assist. Our experienced web designers and engineers will make sure your site achieves maximum impact and gets the results you desire.

Over the years we have developed a repeatable, efficient process for the development of websites. Website development projects for small to medium sized websites are usually completed in one iteration in the timeframe of a few day to one month. Large and complex website development projects can take several months. The develop process we employ involves considerable interaction and feedback with the client throughout the project.

The website development process can be separated into 7 key overlapping phases. It is important to note the UI design is determined about half-way through the project. This helps ensure the design is driven by the functionality and business need instead of the other way around. Every project is unique. The website development process will be modified to meet individual goals of each project.

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