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  Web Design Colors
Web Design Colors
When you pick the right colors for your website, you are doing much more than just making it appealing, you are creating a memorable brand. Shoppers poled indicate that 85% place color as a primary reason for the purchase of a particular product or services. Metrics have shown an 80% increase in brand recognition when using color. Brand recognition directly links to consumer confidence.

There are 3 main colors you need to consider when designing your website:
  1. Choose a dominant color as your brand color
  2. Choose 1 to 2 accent colors to create a color scheme for your website
  3. Choose a background color to complete your design
Dominant Color
The dominant website color should be your brand color. The color will help bring out certain emotions or feelings (passion, excitement, boldness) when people visit your website. The dominant color is the color you want your audience to remember when they think of products or services. If you already have a company logo, make sure one of the primary colors of your logo is used as your dominant color for your website.
Colors Type of Shoppers Venue
Red / Orange
Royal Blue
Impulse Shoppers Fast Food
Outlet Malls
Clearance Sales
Navy Blue
Shoppers on a Budget Banks
Large Depart Stores
Sky Blue
Traditional Shoppers Clothing Stores
Personality of Color
You can also use various colors to your advantage so you can attract the type of customer you want.

However, if you do not have a dominant brand color in mind yet, keep in mind, colors HAVE meaning. How to choose the right color for your website. Big companies do not pick their dominant color or brand colors by accident. The dominant or brand color is strategically chosen to be used as part of their branding and marketing initiatives. Different colors have the abilities to attract specific types of customers, and can even alter consumer behaviors.
    Green Animal Planet Logo
    Represents wealth, health, tranquility, and nature. Tropicana Logo
    The easiest color for the eye to process, so it has relaxation effects. Green is the No. 2 most preferred color by both men and women. Whole foods Logo
    Yellow Amazon Logo
    Represents youthfulness, optimism, and cheerfulness. National Geographic Logo
    Often used to grab the attention of the audience. Yellow can put a strain on the eyes, so you want to use it sparingly. Hertz Logo
    Red Heinz Logo
    Represents passion, energy, urgency, excitement, vibrancy and danger. Coca Cola Logo
    Often used to create urgency for people to buy. Effective in triggering strong emotional reactions. Restaurants use it to stimulate appetite. Target Logo
    Purple Cadberry Logo
    Represents royalty, wealth, success and wisdom. Crown Royal Logo
    Often used in beauty or anti-aging products. Purple as a soothing and calming effect on people. Thai Logo
    Blue Dell Logo
    Represents trust, security, stability, peace and calmness. General Electric Logo
    Often used in businesses and banks to create sense of security and trust. Blue is the No. 1 preferred color by both men and women. Oral B Logo
    Grey Telsa Logo
    Represents neutral, simplicity, calm, futuristic and logic. Mercedes Logo
    Often it lacks emotion and is associated with technology, industry, precision, control, competence and even sophistication. Apple Logo
    Black Under Armor Logo
    Represents power, luxury, sophistication and elegance. Royals Royce Logo
    Often used to market luxury brands to evoke professionalism, strength, and precision. Channel Logo
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