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  Web Hosting Statistics
Web Hosting Statistics
Smarter Stats is a powerful web analytics program that shows your website activity, such as who visits your website and from where, who sent them to your site, and which pages are viewed. Smarter Stats provides you with the information you need to effectively manage your website and ensure smooth-sailing for your visitors. Site activity reports inform you of the peak traffic times for your website so you can detect bottlenecks and dead-ends. Numerous marketing reports help you determine how much traffic is generated by banner ads, newsletter sponsorships, search engine listings, reciprocal link partnerships and more! With Smarter Stats, you can get the information you need in seconds, delivering all the stats you need to determine traffic, usage patterns and marketing - anytime you want! Smarter Stats - Platform Report
Some of the statistic features include:
  • Use website statistics to analyze the performance of marketing campaigns
  • Measure website visitor traffic without spider and bot pollution
  • Use data mining to identify the most popular pages of your website
  • Determine which web pages the search engines are indexing
  • Discover how visitors navigate through your website
  • Track the referring pages and searches that brought visitors to your website
  • Analyze website performance and page loading times
Smarter Stats - Hourly Report
Standard Web Site Statistical Reports:
  • CEO Overview
  • Marketing Report
  • Search Engine Report
  • Site Activity Report
  • Site Usage Report
  • Webmaster Report
Smarter Stats - Browser Report
Other Data Mining Elements Available:
   Paths    Referrals
     Pages      Referral Sites
     Directories      Referral URLs
     Documents      Referring Links
     Downloads      In-Site Referrers
     Dynamic Pages    Server Responses
     Images      Results Codes
     Files      404 - Page Not Found
     File Types      5xx - Server Errors
   Traffic    Search Engines
     Monthly, Weekly and Daily Totals      Engine Breakdown
     Hourly Totals      Phrases
     Weekday Totals      Phrase Sources
     Weekday Averages      Keywords
   Paths      Keyword Sources
     Entry Files    Geographic
     Entry Pages      World
     Exit Pages      Africa
     Paths      Asia
   Visitors      Europ
     Authenicated Users      North America
     IP Addresses      Oceania
     Recent Vistor Stats      South America
     Recent Vistor Details      United States
     Return Visits      Canada
     Views per Visit      
     Monthly and Daily Visitors      
     Monthly and Daily Visitor Lengths      

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